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Why study art?

I recently went back to school to study art. If I was going to work full-time, raise kids and get a master’s degree, it had to be something that would drive me to the library on a Sunday and keep me awake after 9 p.m. I love art and have dabbled in poetry and dance since I was young, and visual communication is becoming more and more important in my professional life. So I signed up for an M.H. program in Art and Visual Media. M.H. stands for master’s of humanities. “Of all the worthless things!” you might think.

My final paper in one of my first courses was devoted to researching the role of art and humanities education in innovation. You might be surprised to know how much the business and technology world is in need of creativity and humanity! It was an interesting project, but it only scratched the surface of the question “Why study art?” Why an M.H. instead of an M.B.A.?

The humanities offer the perspective of history, the openness of analysis and the expansiveness of art. Among its artists, philosophers, fictional and historical figures, the humanities offer abundant role models for traveling in unexplored territories.  Deep thinking and critical questioning are encouraged. You are taught the good sport of uncertainty with confidence in the journey and a sense of adventure. Our world is full of questions that need exploring beyond dogma and fear, and I’m convinced that art can help us do just that. If nothing else, embracing art and creativity makes us better people. Isn’t that enough?